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The Wealth-X Billionaire Census 2017

The fourth edition of this market-leading report considers regional trends and changes in individuals’ net worth, and provides a breakdown of billionaires’ asset holdings, gender, industry focus and source of wealth. New for 2017, the report showcases the similarities and differences of four archetypal billionaire groups. Read More

The Global Property Handbook

The first edition of the “Global Property Handbook”, in partnership with Warburg Realty and Barnes International Realty, reviews the luxury real estate market and explores the buying habits of the world’s wealthiest individuals. Read More

The Wealth-X and Arton Capital Philanthropy Report 2016

“Changing Philanthropy: Trend Shifts in Ultra Wealthy Giving”, commissioned by Arton Capital and produced by Wealth-X, focuses on innovations in giving, identifying the trends that are helping to increase the scale of donations and exploring new developments in philanthropic giving such as impact investing, how “giving back” is becoming integral to the identity of an organization, and analysing the extent to which this millennial generation is setting a new philanthropic agenda. Read More

The World Ultra Wealth Report 2015-2016

The World Ultra Wealth Report 2015-2016 contains detailed analysis of the wealthiest individuals in the world with a focus on geography, lifestyle, social networks, philanthropic behaviors, motivations and legacy. Read More  

Preparing for Tomorrow: A Report on Family Wealth Transfer

“Preparing for Tomorrow: A Report on Family Wealth Transfer” takes an in-depth look at the most pertinent issues and challenges UHNW individuals face when transferring wealth to the next generation.  The report, which was produced by Wealth-X and sponsored by NFP, includes insight and best practices for family wealth transfers and the associated assets of the ultra wealthy. Read More

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