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CNBC Europe: Top 10 Wealthiest World Cup Players

16 June 2014

  Wealth-X’s UK Director, Michael Byrne, discusses the top 10 wealthiest World Cup 2014 footballers list on CNBC Europe Squawkbox.  

Bloomberg Businessweek: Five Myths About the Super Rich – Wealth-X

11 June 2014

  A report released today by Wealth-X shows that there are now almost 200,000 people worth thirty million dollars or more – and this tiny fraction of the global population holds a staggering 27 trillion dollars in assets.  

Fox Business: Members Of Wealthy Elite Moving To Other Countries To Preserve Riches

10 June 2014

  David Friedman, President of Wealth X, on Money with Melissa Francis on Fox Business.  

Channel News Asia: More In Asia Choosing Luxe Experiences: Mastercard

05 June 2014

  Wealth-X CEO Mykolas Rambus said in the interview that “(t)his is really the age of experiential marketing. There’s so much competition for mindshare of luxury brands that the only way they can differentiate themselves really is by delivering those …

Super Yacht Show: Mykolas Rambus, CEO of Wealth-X

15 April 2014

  At the SYS 2014, spoke to Mykolas Rambus, CEO of Wealth-X. Wealth-X provides its members with qualified prospects and intelligence on UHNWIs along with the privately held-companies they control. The company works with 8 of the top global …

CBS: Wealth-X President David Friedman Appears On “The Couch”

09 April 2014

  Forbes’ richest list is no longer just a man’s world. A record number of female billionaires made the list this year. David Friedman, co-founder of Wealth-X -the world’s leading provider of wealth intelligence, stops by The Couch to give …

CNBC: World’s Most Expensive Hotel Suites

17 February 2014

  A stay in the royal penthouse suite at the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva is the world’s most expensive hotel room, according to Wealth-X. The Asia Squawk Box team discuss.  

Arise News: Wealth-X President David S. Friedman speaks to Arise TV on the millionaires in Congress

17 February 2014

  Wealth-X President David S. Friedman speaks to Arise TV on the millionaires in Congress.  

Fox Business: Wealth-X President, David Friedman Shares Insights on Financial Tips For Parents

14 February 2014

  Physician Dr. Rob Kominiarek, writer Lisa Birnbach and Wealth-X President David Friedman on the high costs of raising a child.  

Fox News: Millionaires Escaping From Nevada?

01 February 2014

  Wealth X President David Friedman, Fortune Editor-in-Chief Adam Lashinsky on a study on where millionaires are living.