Primary Position Chairman Age 46
Primary Company Xiaomi Birthday 16 Dec 1969
Estimated Net Worth At least $14.1 billion Residences Singapore
Beijing, China
Source Self-Made
Xiantao, Hubei, China
Religion Unknown
Ethnicity Chinese
Alternative Names China's Steve Jobs
Marital Status Married


Lei, a native of Xiantao in China's Hubei province, was born in December 1969. He graduated with a Bachelor's degree in computer science from Wuhan University in 1991. He appears to have begun his career as an engineer at Kingsoft, a Chinese software company, in 1992. In 1998, Lei was named CEO of Kingsoft. He stepped down as CEO, Chief Technology Officer and President of the company in December 2007; re-designated from an Executive Director to a Non-Executive Director in August 2008, and was appointed as Chairman on July 5, 2011. He also serves as Chairman of Kingsoft's subsidiary, Cheetah Mobile, a mobile tools provider. In 1999, Lei founded Joyo.com through Kingsoft, and served as its Chairman until it was acquired by Amazon in 2004. He then co-founded YY Incorporated, an online entertainment company, and serves as its Chairman in 2005. He was also Director of 2020 Chinacap Acquirco, an acquisition company, from 2007 to 2009. In 2010, Lei co-founded Xiaomi, which has grown to become one of the world's leading smartphone makers. He is also Founding Partner and Chairman of Shunwei, a venture capital firm. He invests in Vancl, Shangpin.com, UCWeb, and Yu Jia Hui. In 2012, Lei was elected as a Member of the Beijing Municipal People's Congress, and the following year was named Representative of National People's Congress. Apart from business, he appears to be Vice President of the Beijing Software Industry Association and Vice Chairman of the China Youth Entrepreneurs Association. Appears to have residences in Singapore and Beijing, China.

Education History

Institution Name Qualification Name Education Type Start Date End Date
Wuhan University Bachelor's degree Undergraduate 1991

Interesting Facts

Founded in 2011, Lei's Shunwei Capital currently manages $1.75 billion in dollar funds and $160 million worth of Chinese Renminbi funds. Investors range from sovereign wealth funds, family offices, fund of funds, to university endowments. Shunwei Capital focuses on startups and growth companies that primarily focus on China's internet, mobile, and high technology industry.
In August 2014, Lei accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge, an event to create awareness of the Lou Gehrig's disease, also known as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Lei also donated more than $1,000 to the ALS Association.
In November 2014, Xiaomi reportedly sought funds to boost the company's valuation to $50 billion. In the same month, the company invested in several businesses, including a $1 billion investment to expand their internet TV content; acquired a stake in Beijing, China-based internet television company, Youku Tudou as part of their new partnership to produce and distribute online video content and movies; and invested $300 million together with venture capital, Shunwei, in video streaming platform, iQiyi.com, a company backed by web service provider, Baidu.
In December 2014, Xiaomi reportedly raised about $1 billion in funds and the company was valued over $45 billion. In April 2015, Xiaomi sold a stake in the company to Ratan Tata, the Chairman of Mumbai, India-based non-profit organization Sir Ratan Tata Trust. However, terms of the deal were not disclosed.
Lei and his family reportedly became Singapore permanent residents in 2011.
In July 2015, Lei and Xueling Li, the CEO of YY Incorporated offered to take the company private in a deal which valued the company at $3.7 billion.
Lei is an active angel investor who has invested in at least 20 companies, including Vancl and UCWeb. He mentioned that the most important component in his investment is people; he would spend time to learn about the people involved in a company before investing.
In 2014, Kingsoft reportedly agreed to buy a 11.6% stake in Beijing, China-based data store company, 21Vianet for $172 million. In January 2015, Xiaomi reportedly agreed to purchase a 3% stake in Kingsoft from Chinese investment holding company, Tencent Holdings for about $68 million.
Lei co-authored the books, "Advanced DOS Programming" and "Advanced Windows Programming".
Soon after Kingsoft was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2007, Lei relinquished his position as CEO, Chief Technology Officer, and President, but retained his board membership in the company, where he is currently Chairman.
Lei has invested in many start-ups and avoids exerting direct control over the companies. He said, "My investment logic is if I lose, take it as my support to innovation, if win, take it like a win in the gamble". As for his reasons for making investments, he said, "Because I like it, and because I want to show my thanks to investors who helped save Kingsoft", in reference to the period when the company was facing hard times, until it received financial support from Legend Holdings.
Xiaomi, where Lei is Chairman, is also known as the "Apple" of China.
Lei was a Steering Committee Member in the 1st China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition in 2012.
Lei has been described as China's Steve Jobs by Chinese media sources. He also reportedly likes to dress similarly to the late Steve Jobs, in jeans and a black top.
On June 19, 2015, Xiaomi set up its Communist Party Committee. The company, which employs more than 8,000 people, has more than 100 Communist Party members.
Lei was named among China's Top Ten IT People of the Year in 1999, 2000 and 2002. He was named among Beijing's Top Ten Young Entrepreneurs in 2002.

Interests, Passion, Hobbies

Hobby Name Description
Writing Co-authored the books, "Advanced DOS Programming" and "Advanced Windows Programming".
Vehicles - Cars Reportedly likes the Tesla Motors electric car.
Technology Has invested in several online technology companies including Vancl and UCWeb. Has spent most of his career working in the technology sector.
Business - Management Has served in executive roles at a number of technology companies.
Philanthropy Donated more than $1 million to the Wuhan University, in support of educational causes.
Business - Entrepreneurship Has founded or invested in various technology companies.
Finance - Investment Reportedly has been an angel investor for various promising startup technology companies. Serves as Chairman and Founding Partner of venture capital firm, Shunwei, and Director of the Angel Investor Club.
Technology - Computers Graduated with a Bachelor's degree in computer science from Wuhan University.
Media - Radio As a young boy, Lei took up the hobby of assembling radios.


Giving Profile
Lei gives primarily towards educational and health-related causes. In 2012, he donated approximately $1.6 million to his alma mater, Wuhan University, to set up the Lei Jun Scholarship Fund. The scholarship would contribute about $3,200 to each of 50 students annually from 2013 to 2022. In 2014, Lei donated about $1,600 to the ALS Association to support people with Lou Gehrig's Disease. He does not appear to have a family foundation.

Clubs & Boards

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Known Associates

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Family Details

Political Interests

Party Affiliation Unknown Political Profile Lei was elected as a Member of the Beijing Municipal People's Congress in 2012, and later as a Representative of the National People's Congress in February 2013.