Huateng MA

Primary Position Chairman Age 44
Primary Company Tencent Holdings Birthday 29 Oct 1971
Estimated Net Worth At least $21.4 billion Residences Sanya, Hainan, China
Southern District, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong
Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong
Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Source Self-Made
Shantou, Guangdong, China
Religion Unknown
Ethnicity Chinese
Alternative Names Emperor Penguin
Pony Ma
Father of QQ
Marital Status Married


Ma was born in 1971 in Shantou, a city in Guangdong, China. He earned a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Shenzhen University in 1993. Upon graduation, he began his career as a Software Engineer in a telecommunication services provider, China Motion Telecom Development. He was soon promoted as Head of Development, and was in charge of research and development of internet paging systems. In November 1998, Ma co-founded Tencent Holdings, and launched instant messaging software, QQ (formerly known as OICQ), in February 1999. Over the years, Tencent Holdings has developed various online platforms, including mobile instant messaging (WeChat), entertainment (QQ Games), a search engine (SoSo), e-commerce (Tenpay and PaiPai), and private online banking (WeBank). Tencent Holdings, which also provides online advertising and mobile phone value-added services, has been listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange since June 2004. Ma currently serves as Executive Chairman and CEO of Tencent Holdings. He was a Venture Partner of private equity firm, ePlanet Capital. Apart from business, he also serves as Vice Chairman of Ai You Foundation, Council Member of One Foundation, Executive Director of Shenzhen General Chamber of Commerce, and Vice Chairman of Harmony Club of Shenzhen. He is also a Representative of the 12th National People's Congress. Reportedly owns residences in Shenzhen and Sanya in China, and Hong Kong.

Education History

Institution Name Qualification Name Education Type Start Date End Date
Shenzhen University Bachelor's degree Undergraduate 1989 1993

Interesting Facts

In January 2014, Tencent Holdings reportedly invested about $100 million in China-based taxi booking application, Didi Taxi, in a bid to promote its payment service to mobile web users. Didi Taxi had 22 million users and recorded more than 350,000 bookings a day as of December 2013; and was expected to be integrated into Tencent Holdings' mobile instant messaging application, WeChat.
In March 2015, Tencent Literature, an online book publication of Tencent, reportedly merged with Shanghai, China-based online book publication Cloudary to form the Yuewen Group, an online e-book publisher and service provider.
In December 2014, Ma reportedly sold 25 million Tencent shares worth $387 million. Ma is reportedly Tencent's largest shareholder with a 9.8% stake in the company.
In April 2015, Tencent Holdings reportedly agreed to buy a 14.6% stake for $126 million in San Francisco, California-based publisher of mobile games for smartphone Glu Mobile.
Tencent Holdings was ranked fourth in Forbes magazine's "2011 World's 50 Most Innovative Companies". Ma was named one of the World's 100 Most Influential People by Times magazine in 2007.
In August 2014, Chinese conglomerate the Dalian Wanda Group reportedly planned to launch an $813-million e-commerce joint venture with Tencent Holdings and internet company Baidu. The e-commerce venture would be 70% owned by the Dalian Wanda Group and the rest 15% would be held by Tencent and Baidu respectively. The online platform would allow users to use Baidu's maps and data to access the Dalian Wanda Group's real estate empire in China, which ranges from shopping malls to movie theaters. It would also seek to take advantage of Tencent Holdings' online payment service Tenpay to get customers pay for offline goods.
In April 2014, Tencent Holdings reportedly planned to purchase a stake of 11% or around 78 million shares for around $190 million in digital map supplier NavInfo from Chinese state-owned photogrammetric survey, satellite imaging and vehicle monitoring services provider China Siwei Surveying & Mapping Technology that held a 24% stake in the company.
In March 2014, Tencent Holdings planned to acquire a 28% stake in South Korea-based mobile gaming firm CJ Games for about $500 million. In April 2014, Tencent Holdings bought the stake for about $5 million.
Ma purchased a $75 million house in Shek O, Hong Kong in 2009; and reportedly rebuilt his house to include a man-made lake and swimming pool in 2011.
In January 2015, Tencent Holdings reportedly launched China's first private online-only bank called WeBank, which has no physical branches and all transactions are made online. Tencent owns a 30% stake in the bank. The bank would open in April 2015.
In February 2014, Tencent Holdings' subsidiary Huai River Investment reportedly bought 20% shares for an undisclosed amount in Changning, China-based local lifestyle information and trading platform Tencent Holdings also announced its plans of investing around $500 million in
In June 2014, Tencent Holdings reportedly agreed to buy a 19.9% stake in Chaoyang, China-based classified advertisements website for around $736 million to strengthen its online content as it planned to compete with Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba.
In January 2015, Chinese electronics company Xiaomi reportedly agreed to purchase a stake of around 3% in Beijing, China-based software company Kingsoft from Tencent Holdings for about $68 million.
In January 2015, Tencent Holdings, along with Beijing, China-based e-commerce company, reportedly invested around $1.55 billion in Beijing, China-based auto information website operator Bitauto Holdings to provide enhanced online automotive transaction services to car buyers across China. In February 2015, Tencent Holdings reportedly announced to raise funds up to $2.5 billion through a bond sale. In March 2015, Tencent Holdings reportedly formed a partnership with New Taipei, Taiwan-based electronic component manufacturer Hon Hai Precision Industry and Henan, China-based luxury car dealer China Harmony Auto Holding to discover opportunities in the electric smart car segment.
Tencent Holdings acquired an approximate 10% stake in China South City Holdings, a Chinese logistics center operator, for $193 million in January 2014. It's believed that Tencent Holdings will utilize China South City Holdings' resources to compete against internet e-commerce business operator,
In March 2014, Tencent Holdings reportedly planned a share-split to increase the shares held by its shareholders after it missed the estimates on higher costs for its mobile instant messaging application WeChat, where investors would receive five shares for every share they currently owned.
In September 2014, Tencent Holdings reportedly bought a minority stakes in Chinese healthcare information sharing website company by making an investment of about $70 million.
In January 2014, UCWeb, a provider of mobile internet software technology and services, backed by internet e-commerce business operator,, reportedly planned to acquire more companies, in order to add more programmers and platforms to fend off major competitors Tencent Holdings and China-based web services company, Baidu.
Ma's mother, Huiqing Huang, held a 60% interest on behalf Ma and acted as Chairman of Tencent Holdings during Tencent Holdings' establishment in 2011. "In fact, I'm the first Chairman of Tencent Holdings, Huateng is my successor!", she joked.
Tencent Holdings reportedly planned to invest $1.6 billion to set up e-commerce and internet finance companies in Shenzhen, China's Qianhai economic zone, in December 2013.
The name, Tencent Holdings, was inspired by Ma's own name, Huateng Ma, and the telecommunications equipment company, Alcatel-Lucent. During Tencent Holding's IPO in 2004, people joked about the company name as "ten cent", which corresponded to the fees charged for each short message service (SMS).
In March 2014, Tencent Holdings agreed to buy a 15% stake in Beijing, China-based e-commerce company for around $214 million and also the transfer certain assets of Tencent Holdings, including its logistics business and e-commerce sites to The partnership appears to be Tencent Holding's strategic move to compete with
Tencent Holdings reportedly bought a 36.5% stake in Beijing-based internet company,'s Sogou search unit for $448 million in September 2013.
Ma's nickname, Pony, appears to have been derived from his last name (Ma), which means horse in Chinese.
In June 2016, Tencent Holdings agreed to buy 84.3% stake for $8.6 billion in Helsinki, Finland-based game developer company Supercell.

Interests, Passion, Hobbies

Hobby Name Description
Philanthropy Tencent Holdings launched the Tencent Charity Foundation in 2006, which primarily supports education, community and disaster relief. Ma has said, "For enterprises, social responsibility is a necessary obligation". Ma also serves as Vice Chairman at Ai You Foundation; and is a Council Member at One Foundation. Reportedly donated $23 million in 2012.
Science - Astronomy Passionate about astronomy since he was a child; Ma had ambitions of becoming a great Astronomer.
Technology - Computers Graduated with a Bachelor's degree in computer science from Shenzhen University in 1993.
Technology - Internet Co-founded Tencent Holdings, which provides mass media, entertainment, internet, online advertising services.
Family Ma was supported by his family members during the early stages of Tencent Holdings. Ma's father, Chenshu Ma, assisted Ma with the financial and accounting aspects while his mother, Huiqing Huang, registered Tencent Holdings for Ma and became its Corporate Representative.
Politics Was a Representative Member of the 5th Shenzhen Municipal People's Congress; and is a Member of the 12th National People's Congress.
Games Tencent Holdings has launched various online games since 2004, including Journey to the Fairyland, QQ Tang, QQ HUAXIA, Hero Island, World of Fantasy and Dragon Power.
Finance - Investment Rumored to have accumulated Tencent Holdings' seed capital through stock market investments. He also served as a Venture Partner at ePlanet Capital.


Giving Profile
Ma is a Major Donor and Vice Chairman at Ai You Foundation, a non-profit organization providing healthcare to children with congenital heart disease, including AIDS orphans, and disabled children in need of rehabilitation. Ma's giving to Ai You Foundation remains undisclosed. Besides that, Ma is a Council Member at One Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on disaster relief, children's welfare and philanthropy development. Tencent Holdings, where Ma is Chairman, established the Tencent Charity Foundation in 2006, which primarily supports education, community and disaster relief. In November 2007, the Foundation gave $140,000 to establish the Tencent Scholarship at the Shenzhen Middle School. Since May 2007, the Foundation has contributed more than $1.5 million for the construction of 31 schools across China. In August 2010, Tencent Charity Foundation gave $700,000 to Zhouqu, China landslide victims. The Foundation also donated $3 million in April 2010, to Qinghai, China earthquake victims. Ma reportedly donated $23 million in 2013. In April 2016, Ma pledged to donate 100 million shares of Tencent Holdings, worth more than $2 billion to a new personal charity fund.

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Family Details

Political Interests

Party Affiliation Unknown Political Profile Ma was a Representative Member of the 5th Shenzhen Municipal People's Congress, and is currently a Representative Member of the 12th National People's Congress (NPC). Ma's father, Chenshu Ma, is a Member of the Communist Party of China.