The Wealth-X Billionaire Census 2017

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The fourth edition of this market-leading report offers a comprehensive study of developments across the global billionaire population.  The Billionaire Census considers regional trends and changes in individuals’ net worth, and provides a breakdown of billionaires’ asset holdings, gender, industry focus and source of wealth.

Among numerous key findings, the Wealth-X Billionaire Census 2017 reveals and explores:

  • An overview of the global billionaire population
  • Significant shifts in regional wealth
  • The volatile nature of extreme wealth creation and preservation
  • The technology sector’s impact on billionaire wealth


New for 2017, the Wealth-X Billionaire Census showcases the similarities and differences of four archetypal billionaire groups based on age, gender, geography, wealth source and asset holdings:

  • Billionaires who attended Harvard University
  • Tech industry billionaires
  • Billionaires who inherited their wealth
  • Chinese billionaires


These archetypes personify the data findings in the report, by highlighting the variety of channels through which 10-figure fortunes can be created, and revealing contrasting trends across the billionaire population.

Download the Billionaire Fact File below to reveal key findings from the Billionaire Census 2017, as well as information on how to access the complete report.

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Table of Contents: Billionaire Census 2017


  • Executive Summary – 1
  • Introduction – 3
  • Global Billionaire Map – 4
  • Billionaires In 2016: Rising Risk And Falling Returns – 6
  • Billionaire Wealth Tiers – 10
  • Looking Ahead: Four Issues For Billionaires To Consider In 2017 And Beyond – 13
  • Top 30 Billionaire Countries – 18
  • Top 30 Billionaire Cities – 20
  • Today’s Billionaires: Asset Holdings, Industry, Gender And Wealth Source – 22
  • Billionaire Archetypes – 27
  • Billionaire Events Calendar – 30
  • Methodology – 33
  • About Wealth-X – 33


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