The Wealth-X Billionaire Census 2017

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The fourth edition of this market-leading report offers a comprehensive study of developments across the global billionaire population.  The Billionaire Census considers regional trends and changes in individuals’ net worth, and provides a breakdown of billionaires’ asset holdings, gender, industry focus and source of wealth.

Among numerous key findings, the Wealth-X Billionaire Census 2017 reveals and explores:

  • An overview of the global billionaire population
  • A decline in billionaire population and wealth
  • Significant shifts in regional wealth
  • The Americas lead the way as Asia-Pacific struggles
  • The volatile nature of extreme wealth creation and preservation
  • New York and San Francisco are among the most popular billionaire cities
  • The technology sector’s impact on billionaire wealth


Wealth-X Billionaire Census 2017 reveals a global decrease of 3.1% in number of billionaires, first annual decrease since the global financial crisis

New for 2017, the Wealth-X Billionaire Census showcases the similarities and differences of four archetypal billionaire groups based on age, gender, geography, wealth source and asset holdings:


These archetypes personify the data findings in the report, by highlighting the variety of channels through which 10-figure fortunes can be created, and revealing contrasting trends across the billionaire population.

Download the 2017 Billionaire Census below to reveal all its findings and additional insights:


For current Wealth-X clients interested in the Billionaire Census 2017, you may download it from your Exclusive Content area (login required) or contact us at

Table of Contents: Billionaire Census 2017


  • Executive Summary – 1
  • Introduction – 3
  • Global Billionaire Map – 4
  • Billionaires In 2016: Rising Risk And Falling Returns – 6
  • Billionaire Wealth Tiers – 10
  • Looking Ahead: Four Issues For Billionaires To Consider In 2017 And Beyond – 13
  • Top 30 Billionaire Countries – 18
  • Top 30 Billionaire Cities – 20
  • Today’s Billionaires: Asset Holdings, Industry, Gender And Wealth Source – 22
  • Billionaire Archetypes – 27
  • Billionaire Events Calendar – 30
  • Methodology – 33
  • About Wealth-X – 33


Additional Resources

The resources below were extracted from the full version of the Billionaire Census 2017 and are available as a sneak peek:

  • 2017 Billionaire Social Calendar Spring & Summer – providing insight into some of this year’s most popular high net worth events.
  • Understanding the Tech Billionaire Archetype – Winston Chesterfield, Director of Custom Research at Wealth-X provides an overview of the world’s billionaire population, focusing on the volatile nature of extreme wealth and the rising importance of tech.
  • UHNWI Insights: The Harvard Billionaire Archetype – To better understand how Harvard billionaires compare to their non-Harvard peers, Wealth-X created an archetype that uncovers the typical Harvard billionaire’s average wealth, liquidity, gender, age, nationality, and source of wealth.
  • The World Ultra Wealth Report 2017 – The fifth edition of this flagship report analyses the state of the world’s ultra high net worth (UHNW) population, or those with $30m or more in net worth, and this year revealed global growth of 3.5% to 226,450 individuals and a 1.5% increase of their total combined wealth to $27 trillion.
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