The Global Property Handbook, a collaboration with Warburg Realty and Barnes International Realty

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Wealth-X presents “The Global Property Handbook”, in collaboration with Warburg Realty and Barnes International Realty.

The first edition of the “Global Property Handbook” reviews the luxury real estate market and explores the buying habits of the world’s wealthy. The report names London, New York and Tokyo as the most desirable cities in the world in which to purchase luxury property and singles out seven up-and-coming luxury real estate markets.

The Alpha Cities Index

The report reveals that 10% of ultra-high net worth (UHNW) individuals – those with a net worth of $30 million or more – own five properties or more.  To help map these properties, the report includes the first-ever “Alpha Cities Index,” which ranks the overall attractiveness of a city for wealthy individuals when considering a luxury real estate purchase. The index is the first of its kind to incorporate the trifecta of demands from the wealthy—the ideal city property must satisfy a range of practical, emotional, and financial considerations.



Beyond these premier cities, the “Global Property Handbook” also identifies the top emerging luxury destinations for wealthy real estate buyers. See below a selection of these destinations:


Lisbon, Portugal
Berlin, Germany

Taos, USA

Tel Aviv, Israel

Global Luxury Residential Property Index

The report also features the Global Luxury Residential Property Index, which tracks the top 10% of the residential property market (by median sales price) since 2010. This year, the Index shows that prices peaked in 2015 and fell during the first half of 2016. As a result, only the properties with an optimal combination of practical, emotional, and financial benefits have continued to grow in value.

For more on the luxury real estate market, download the report below.

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