Jeff Greene Relists Beverly Hills Fixer Upper For US$129 Million

It’s back.


Billionaire real estate investor Jeff Greene‘s infamous Palazzo di Amore returns to the market this week after a yearlong hiatus. This time Greene is asking US$129 million, a haircut from the original US$195 million he sought in 2014. Back then it was the most expensive home for sale in the country. He later cut the price to US$149 million in 2015 and officially removed the home from the sales market a few months later. Since the estate has been available to rent, most recently asking US$375,000 per month.


The 35,000-square-foot main home is set on 25 Los Angeles acres, an absurdly large plot for the city. There is also a 15,000-square-foot entertainment center complete with a ballroom and bowling alley, as well as a separate guest house making. Altogether there are 12 bedrooms and 23 bathrooms. This is a home for a host. The property also includes a working vineyard. (For more details on the property and Greene’s seven-plus-year mission to restore it, check out Erin Carlyle’s original story on the 2014 listing.)


Read the full story on Forbes here.

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