Wealth-X Reveals: The 10 Wealthiest Tech Billionaires

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At the uppermost reaches of the wealth stratosphere, tech is king.

Wealth-X and Business Insider recently collaborated to produce a definitive list of the 50 wealthiest people on the planet. This elite club of billionaires has a combined fortune of about US$1.45 trillion, and technology is the most heavily represented sector, even above finance. Wealth-X takes a look at the wealthiest of the tech billionaires below, from their age and education to the companies that made their massive fortunes:

1. Bill Gates
Age: 60
Country: US
Net Worth*: US$89.4 billion
Primary Company**: Microsoft
Education: Harvard University (dropped out)

2. Jeff Bezos
Age: 52
Country: US
Net Worth: US$51.2 billion
Primary Company: Amazon
Education: Princeton University (Bachelor’s)

3. Mark Zuckerberg
Age: 31
Country: US
Net Worth: US$46.2 billion
Primary Company: Facebook
Education: Harvard University (dropped out)

4. Larry Ellison
Age: 71
Country: US
Net Worth: US$46.1 billion
Primary Company: Oracle
Education: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (dropped out), University of Chicago (dropped out)

5. Larry Page
Age: 42
Country: US
Net Worth: US$37.8 billion
Primary Company: Google
Education: University of Michigan (Bachelor’s, Doctorate), Stanford University (Master’s)

6. Sergey Brin
Age: 42
Country: US
Net Worth: US$36.2 billion
Primary Company: Google
Education: University of Maryland (Bachelor’s), Stanford University (Master’s, dropped out of doctorate program)

7. Jack Ma
Age: 51
Country: China
Net Worth: US$26.3 billion
Primary Company: Alibaba Group
Education: Hangzhou Teachers University (Bachelor’s)

8. Steve Ballmer
Age: 59
Country: US
Net Worth: US$25.9 billion
Primary Company: Microsoft
Education: Harvard University (Bachelor’s), Stanford University (dropped out of graduate program)

9. Michael Dell
Age: 51
Country: US
Net Worth: US$18.9 billion
Primary Company: Dell Incorporated
Education: The University of Texas at Austin (dropped out)

10. Pony Ma
Age: 44
Country: China
Net Worth: US$18.2 billion
Primary Company: Tencent Holdings
Education: Shenzhen University (Bachelor’s)

*All net worths listed above are as of March 10, 2016. Wealth-X’s dossiers for the most notable billionaires have real-time net worth valuations that may fluctuate from day to day based on changes in publicly listed equity share prices and changes in currency exchange rates.

**Primary Company refers to the company in which the individual made the majority of his or her fortune.

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