Wealth-X Integration enables Wealth-X to be integrated directly into your organisation’s CRM, providing you with instantaneous intelligence on your most valuable relationships.

By integrating Wealth-X with your existing CRM system, you can immediately identify ultra high net worth (UHNW) individuals among your clients and prospects and qualify them by exploring the detailed information contained in each Wealth-X dossier.

Accelerate Your New Client or Prospect Success

Finding new leads and discovering connections is a manual and long process often involving many platforms. After you have identified and qualified prospects, building relationships and cultivating new clients requires more time and detailed intelligence, both of which are critical in engaging the ultra wealthy. The integration of Wealth-X into your organisation’s CRM will deliver all the benefits of Wealth-X intelligence into a single access point at your fingertips, made available for your entire sales team. This powerful integration will streamline your organisation’s prospecting approach and accelerate your sales cycle.

    • Identify the UHNW individuals in your existing prospect list
    • Visualise and leverage the social network of your current clients and generate new warm prospects
    • View detailed Wealth-X UHNW dossier intelligence built into your own custom CRM views
    • Generate PDF dossiers and request Wealth-X Dossier updates
    • Enterprise-wide solution



Wealth-X’s Powerful Capabilities in Your Hands

With Wealth-X Integration, our global UHNW intelligence is delivered to reside within your IT infrastructure through a bespoke API, Salesforce, Pythagoras or your organisation’s CRM interface. Configurations can be cloud-based or locally installed as screening software, pulling Wealth-X data from our servers daily. Customer and prospect data never leaves the local environment and updated information on the world’s UHNW individuals is available at your fingertips.

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