Case Study: Wealth-X Integration for Global Luxury Brands

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The Challenge

A global luxury firm had approximately 150,000 contacts, leads and accounts in their CRM environment, many of which were populated via list purchases and downloads from general data providers.

This steady flow of prospects and potential new business was creating an immediate challenge: they had no way to qualify and prioritise their leads to win new business. The firm’s entire sales team needed to ascertain, in a simple and secure fashion, the net worth and social map of their contacts in order to properly optimise the leads they had amassed.

The Solution

Wealth-X was integrated into the firm’s CRM platform, Salesforce. We then performed a match against the organisation’s existing contacts and leads and uncovered over 6,000 ultra wealthy matches. For every match, there was a Wealth-X dossier providing detailed intelligence on the lead.

As a second step, the firm carried out a systematic review of their 6,000 UHNW contacts, identifying and extracting other UHNW individuals from the online Wealth-X platform who were connected to their matches.

The Benefits

As a result of this exercise, every sales member of the firm could immediately identify UHNW individuals and their highest value client segment. The second exercise yielded an additional list of over 5,000 high potential and high value UHNW individuals, providing the client with a high-quality prospect list of qualified individuals they already had a connection to, saving much time and resources by not pursuing unqualified leads.

They strategically deployed these warm prospects to their sales units, accompanied with Wealth-X dossiers, giving each of their sales representatives a distinct edge and fueling their UHNW business acquisition.

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