Case Study: Wealth-X Screening for Educational Institutions

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The Challenge

A specialised graduate institution wanted to expand their donor base, as well as learn more about their large group of alumni members. The challenge was acquiring accurate information about alumni and prioritizing resources for the right prospects. The institution needed to identify the UHNW alumni who were most likely to donate.

The Solution

The institution engaged Wealth-X to conduct a thorough screening of their alumni base against Wealth-X’s collection of UHNW intelligence. The screening includes Wealth-X’s private wealth valuation of individuals with proven expertise in matching UHNW individuals.

The results provided key insights into each prospect, including net worth, company, title and contact information. They were presented in tiers graded by wealth and match quality, allowing the institution to prioritise and allocate resources to specific prospects.

The Benefits

Wealth-X Screening identified 300 UHNW individuals among the school’s alumni — 270 members more than they expected. With up- to-date, extensive intelligence on its alumni, the institution was able to hone in on the best prospects, prioritizing their resources and maximizing their major gift donations.

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