Case Study: Wealth-X Professional for Non-for-Profits

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The Challenge

The Carbon War Room (CWR) is an international non-profit organisation founded by Richard Branson in 2009 and incubated under Virgin Unite.

The mission of Carbon War Room is to accelerate the adoption of business solutions that reduce carbon emissions at gigaton scale and advance the low-carbon economy.

The Carbon War Room faced with the challenge of identifying and reaching potential donors with the strongest affinity to its mission and thus with the highest potential to become new founder circle members.


The Solution

The Carbon War Room selected Wealth-X to conduct a 2-part strategy. The first part of the strategy was to identify potential donors through a Future Donor Exercise.

Utilising the “Known Associates” capability within Wealth-X Professional, Wealth-X analysed 10 key relationships from CWR to map the strongest connections from each relationship, forming a list of warm prospects.

In total, 125 UHNW warm prospects were found, with an estimated value of US$196 billion.

  • Key Relationships……….10
  • Total UHNW Warm Prospects……….125
  • Total Est. Value of UHNW Prospects……….US$196 Billion


For part two of the strategy, the Carbon War Room utilized Wealth-X Professional dossiers to further narrow down the list of warm prospects based on affinities. This intelligence allowed the Carbon War Room to identify qualified prospects that are closely aligned with their organisation’s mission and helped them prioritise their work.


The Benefits

Wealth-X’s Future Donor Strategy and bespoke intelligence dossiers enabled the Carbon War Room to adopt an efficient and effective approach to driving growth and expanding its donor base.

With Wealth-X, the Carbon War Room was able to identify individuals that understand catalytic philanthropy and business opportunities of climate change and who already have a propensity to make a positive impact through a market-driven approach.


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