Case Study: Wealth-X Professional for Financial Services

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Utilise your current key relationships for growth and develop a deeper understanding of your network.

The Challenge

Many financial services firms who focus on relationships with Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) individuals come to us with the same challenge — they need to find new business and deepen relationships with current clients and investors.

While they have strong contact lists and are aware of the potential referrals that could come from their lists, the challenge is in identifying these connections and leveraging them for growth. Additionally they seek deeper understanding of their current clients and investors to ensure they are providing top quality service and building solutions for them in an impactful way.

Wealth-X believes in utilising data and insights on an individual level to Uncover, Understand and finally Engage with new clients or prospects.

The Solution


Wealth-X’s Future Client Strategy (FCS) provides a framework for uncovering and prioritising new clients and investors by connecting with them through the most relevant introductions. The FCS begins by analysing 10 of the bank’s key relationships and utilises Wealth-X intelligence to map the strongest known associates to each relationship, forming a pipeline of warm prospects.


Wealth-X Professional dossiers deliver a deeper understanding of each prospect. Each dossier provides in-depth insights into a UHNW individual’s financial profile, career history, education, philanthropic endeavours, passions, hobbies, interests and much more.

These insights help develop a conversation with a new prospect and also drive bespoke marketing programs and deeper relationships with current clients and investors.


Wealth-X will advise on developing strategies and meetings to move the introduction process forward. Cultivate trust with warm prospects at the critical first meeting by tailoring the conversation around their passions and interests.

The dossiers are also used to understand and engage with current clients in a meaningful way. One-size-fits all approaches are not effective for UHNW prospects and clients; UHNW individuals want unique experiences and customised approaches for them. Financial services firms cannot provide this unless they know their clients and investors, what drives them and what is important to them.

The Benefits

As a result of the FCS, a financial services firm is able to accomplish the following:

  • Utilise a more proactive and strategic approach to prospecting
  • Gain a new understanding of current clients, investors and prospects
  • Increase the likelihood of winning new business and expand upon the portfolio of current clients and investors
  • Being able to utilise individual insights to engage with clients and prospects allows firms to provide tailored solutions confidently and effectively to the UHNW individuals they serve.
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