Case Study: Wealth-X Diligence for Financial Services

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The Challenge

Arton Capital is a global financial advisory firm specializing in investor programs for residence and citizenship. The firm empowers high net worth individuals and families to become Global Citizens and helps governments, consultants, legal and financial professionals to meet their goals quickly and more effectively.

Arton Capital is faced with a need to know more about their clients to better understand their profiles and needs. They also have a responsibility to governments and the financial industry to ascertain not only the net worth of their clients but also the source of funds.


The Solution

Wealth-X Diligence supports that need to provide intelligence on their ultra-affluent clients. Through a Wealth-X Diligence dossier, Arton Capital is able to learn more about their clients – their biography, career and education history as well as their net worth, source of wealth and detailed information on their PEP status, sanctions, significant litigation or any adverse information such as any financial impropriety.


The Benefits

These insights help provide a single view of the ultra wealthy individual’s profile, wealth analysis combined with essential KYC checks. Arton Capital is able to:

  • Gain a better understanding of their clients • Meet their regulatory responsibilities to governments and involved stakeholders
  • Mitigate reputational and commercial risk


Being able to utilise individual insights to engage with clients, their families and relevant stakeholders allows Arton Capital to provide tailored solutions confidently and effectively to the ultra-wealthy clients they serve.

We have gathered insightful information on the clients’ assets, the validity and credibility of those reports have helped us built even better relations with governments that we work with.

Armand Arton, President & CEO
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