The Wealth-X and Arton Capital Philanthropy Report 2015

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In collaboration with Arton Capital, the global citizenship experts, Wealth-X presents the second annual edition of the Philanthropy Report.

The 2015 report is both revealing and timely — it uncovers differences in giving among ultra high net worth (UHNW) donor groups and highlights how the ultra wealthy are directly helping to address the refugee crisis in Europe.

Philanthropy Spotlight: The Refugee Crisis

Global Citizen Tax Initiative

Calling for tax on residence and citizenship investor applications to provide funds to tackle the European refugee crisis.

Near East Foundation

Providing vulnerable and disenfranchised people in the Middle East and Africa with skills, training, and resources to fully engage and prosper in their own communities and economies.

The Amal Project

Transforming refugee camp experiences for children.

Positive Planet

Helping refuges across the world to create the conditions for a better world for the next generations.

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