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Lawrence Joseph ELLISON

Primary Position:
Executive Chairman
Primary Company:
Oracle Corporation
Estimated Net Worth:
At least $51.9 billion
Source of Wealth:
17 August 1944
United States
Chicago, Illinois, United States
, New York, United States
Marital Status:


Lawrence Joseph Ellison was born in August 1944 in New York, New York and raised in Chicago, Illinois. He attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from 1962 until 1964, and later enrolled at the University of Chicago before dropping out. Reportedly, while still studying, Ellison worked at Fireman's Fund Insurance and Wells Fargo prior to starting his career at the information technology company Amdahl as a Programmer from 1967 to 1971. From 1973 to 1977, he was a Programmer at the digital storage systems supplier Ampex. ...

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Education History

Institution Name:
University of Chicago
Qualification Name:
Dropped Out
Education Type:
Start Date:
End Date:
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Interesting Facts

Ellison is a descendant of Jewish immigrants from Europe. He changed his last name to Ellison in honor of New York City's Ellis Island.

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Interests, Passion, Hobbies

Kind of Interests, Passion and Hobbies: Boating - Sailing
Description: Reportedly participated in several racing events. Operates BMW Oracle Racing, which won the America's Cup in 2010.

Kind of Interests, Passion and Hobbies: Sports - Tennis
Description: Reportedly enjoys playing tennis; plays about five times a week at his residences in Malibu and Woodside, California. Bought a $100 million stake in tennis tournament BNP Paribas Open in 2009.

Kind of Interests, Passion and Hobbies: Aviation - Private Jet
Description: Reportedly flew a Mikoyan MiG-29 and an SIAI-Marchetti S-211 military planes. Was a fractional owner of a Gulfstream V.

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Giving Profile: Founder, Chairman, President, and Director of the Lawrence Ellison Foundation. In 2014, the foundation had more than $8 million in assets and donated more than $23 million; primarily supports educational and healthcare causes. Top recipients include the American Federation for Aging Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Jackson Laboratory, Marine Biological Laboratory, and Harvard Medical School. The foundation also donated more than $1.7 million to Burnham Institute and $1.1 million to the Center for Blood Research for health-related causes, and $1.8 million to the CDC Foundation to support community development. Other recipients include Baylor College of Medicine, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, California Institute of Technology, Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and the Palo Alto Institute for Research and Education. Ellison is also a Member of Warren Buffett's charity campaign, The Giving Pledge. In 2006, Ellison reportedly cancelled a $115 million donation to Harvard University after the President of the university stepped down. In January 2015, Ellison along with Peninsula Humane Society, a non-profit animal welfare organization based in California, reportedly planned to establish a wildlife breeding and rehabilitation center in Northern California aimed at helping endangered local species.

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