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Lawrence Edward PAGE

Primary Position:
Primary Company:
Estimated Net Worth:
At least $44.5 billion
Source of Wealth:
26 March 1973
United States
Lansing, Michigan, United States
Marital Status:


Native of Lansing, Michigan, Page was born in 1973. He earned a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor and appears to have worked in the technology sector after graduation. In 1998, while pursuing a Ph.D. in Computer Science at Stanford University, he co-founded, with fellow doctoral student Sergey Brin, Google, a multinational corporation specializing in Internet-related services and products. The company grew rapidly and by 2000, had indexed one billion Internet URLs. Page was Google's first ...

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Education History

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University of Michigan
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Interesting Facts

In August 2014, Google reportedly agreed to acquire Jetpac, a social travel applications developer based in San Francisco, California, for an undisclosed amount. As part of the deal, Jetpac would end its support for technology company, Apple by removing all its applications from Apple's app store by September 15, 2014. Jetpac's employees would join Google's Knowledge team, which is responsible for the ranking of Google search results. In the same month, Google acquired Boston-based maker of cloud rendering software, Zync for an undisclosed amount. It was reported that Google will incorporate Zync's technology and stop using the cloud computing platform from Amazon Web Services.

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Interests, Passion, Hobbies

Kind of Interests, Passion and Hobbies: Sports - Kiteboarding
Description: Reportedly is an avid kiteboarder.

Kind of Interests, Passion and Hobbies: Philanthropy
Description: Active philanthropist donates to educational, health, social and human services causes.

Kind of Interests, Passion and Hobbies: Finance - Investment
Description: Page is an investor in alternative energy companies such as Tesla Motors.

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Giving Profile: Generous donor who gives primarily to educational, social, health and human services causes. Lifetime giving exceeds $100,000; recipient include: Carter Center. Larry serves as Chairman, President and Director at the Carl Victor Page Memorial Foundation. In 2014, the foundation had assets exceeding $1 billion and donated more than $70 million; gives primarily to educational, social and human services causes. Notable recipients include: National Philanthropic Trust, the Harris myCFO Foundation, Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program, Research Foundation Stony Brook University, Carter Center, Stanford University School of Medicine, Stepping Stones International and the Michael J. Fox Foundation, among others. In November 2014, Page's family foundation reportedly pledged to donate $15 million to various non-profit organizations to help contain the Ebola outbreak.

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