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Azim Hasham PREMJI

Primary Position:
Primary Company:
Estimated Net Worth:
At least $15.6 billion
Source of Wealth:
24 July 1945
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Marital Status:


Father Mohamed H. Hasham Premji founded Western India Vegetable Products in 1945. The company was focused on producing hydrogenated vegetable oils and fats. He took the company public on the Bombay Stock Exchange in 1946. He died in 1966. Azim Hasham Premji: After his father's death in 1966, he dropped out from Stanford University to join Western India Vegetable Products at the age of 21. In 1968, he became the Chairman, CEO and Managing Director. He diversified the company's products to soaps, baby care products, shampoos ...

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Education History

Institution Name:
Stanford University
Qualification Name:
Dropped Out
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Start Date:
End Date:
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Interesting Facts

In September 2015, Premji and Rohini Nilekani, the Chairman of Arghyam, reportedly announced to launch a trust called The Independent and Public Spirited Media Trust that will help fund independent and socially committed media ventures in India.

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Interests, Passion, Hobbies

Kind of Interests, Passion and Hobbies: Education
Description: Speaking of the importance of education, he says, "Through the years, I have had the privilege of interacting with thousands of ordinary people who did extraordinary things and overcame insurmountable odds. The more I got to know these people, who came from every walk of life, every kind of economic and social background imaginable, I grew deeply convinced about the singular power of Education especially in the developing world, where not all have equal access to a quality Education. Convinced as I am about the critical importance of Education, it was only natural that I direct all my personal philanthropy towards this end."

Kind of Interests, Passion and Hobbies: Outdoors - Hiking
Description: Reportedly enjoys hiking.

Kind of Interests, Passion and Hobbies: Travel
Description: Likes vacationing in southern India.

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Giving Profile: Generous philanthropic donor. Lifetime giving exceeds $8 billion. Founder and Chairman of the Azim Premji Foundation, which primarily supports education and health related causes. In 2001, he started the foundation earmarking Wipro shares worth $125 million. The foundation works on reforming India's examination system benefiting 20,000 schools and 2.7 million children. Its initiatives include: Teacher Education, where they worked with more than 50,000 government school teachers across eight states of India; the Education Leadership and Management Program, where they developed about 3,500 education functionaries in Karnataka, India; changed examination pattern in five Indian states in 2002; initiated the Computer Aided Learning program to support computer technology for education in 18 languages; and established Azim Premji University, a nonprofit university in Bangalore, India, to award degrees in teacher training. Founder of the Wipro Equity Reward Trust, which allows Wipro employees to acquire equity stakes in Wipro. Also set up Wipro's Gujarat Earthquake Relief Fund and donated more than $300,000 for the needy and affected citizens of Gujarat, India. In 2010, Premji donated Wipro shares worth $2 billion to his foundation. He signed the Giving Pledge to donate the majority of his wealth to charity. In 2013, he donated an additional $2.2 billion in Wipro shares to the Azim Premji Foundation. In July 2015, he donated another 18% of his stake in Wipro to the trust totaling his lifetime giving at 39% of his Wipro stake, valued at approximately $8 billion.

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