Top 10 Singapore’s Richest Property Tycoons

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Members of the Kwee and Hiranandani families took six of the ten spots on a Wealth-X ranking of Singapore’s wealthiest real estate tycoons. Collectively, the six brothers from these two families hold US$7.2 billion in assets – nearly half of the US$15.57 billion combined net worth of their peers on the list.
The four Kwee brothers of the Pontiac Land Group – a luxury property development company specialising in commercial, residential, hospitality, and retail properties – collectively have a net worth of US$4.6 billion. Kwee Liong Teck, with a personal fortune of US$1.3 billion, serves as chairman of the company his father founded in 1959. His three brothers, who also appear on the Wealth-X list, are board members as well.

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