Wealth-X Screening unlocks the potential in your customer or prospect data using our unparalleled intelligence on the world’s ultra high net worth (UHNW) individuals. Our proven expertise in wealth valuation as well as matching and identity resolution enables us to screen your data more accurately and with greater results across the globe.

The Features and Benefits of Wealth-X Screening

Discover the Untapped Potential in Your Client and Prospect Base

Wealth-X Screening analyses your existing database and unearths previously unknown UHNW individuals. It also identifies their relationship networks to drive forward new customer or donor initiatives. Every year, Wealth-X helps to discover more than 14,000 ultra affluent individuals worth over US$6 trillion.

Beyond merely unearthing UHNW matches in your customer or prospect data, Wealth-X Screening also grades these UHNW matches by wealth tier and match quality so that you can easily categorise and prioritise potential UHNW targets. You can then identify known associates of these matches, enabling you to expand and develop a large pool of promising prospects.


The Wealth-X Advantage

Wealth-X has the world’s largest collection of curated research and intelligence on ultra high net worth individuals. We have found that most of the wealth in the world resides in privately held and family controlled businesses. Typical screening approaches don’t unearth private wealth and tend to focus on physical assets, therefore missing a majority of the ultra wealthy.

Wealth-X manually matches the names in your database against the verified UHNW names in the Wealth-X database to ensure a significantly higher accuracy rate globally.

The wealth screen and subsequent insights provided by Wealth-X and its data platform has enabled us to develop our first major donor engagement strategy. This was a crucial step in the DEC becoming a donor centric organisation

Philanthropy & Partnerships Manager, Disasters Emergency Committee

Maximise Your Potential With Enhanced Wealth Screening Analytics

With Wealth-X’s enhanced Wealth Screening, our clients are able to generate powerful analytics that offer extensive and in-depth insights into their ultra affluent customers and prospects. These  comprehensive analytics – such as our Market Segmentation Analysis, Affinity Analysis, and Geographic Gap Analysis – reveal key characteristics such as the geographic breakdown of your matched key markets, hobbies and interests of this group as well as their demographics, enabling our clients to assess the UHNW market and formulate effective business development and marketing strategies.

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