Wealth-X Professional provides you with access to the world’s most robust collection of curated research and intelligence on ultra high net worth (UHNW) individuals. Within the collection, you will find tens of thousands of UHNW records and individuals, searchable by keywords and hundreds of search categories.

About Wealth-X Professional

Wealth-X Professional is the ultimate resource for financial institutions, not-for-profit organisations, educational institutions and luxury brands looking to engage the world’s ultra affluent.

Identify and Understand Your Client or Prospect

Connecting with the ultra wealthy and cultivating new clients is about knowledge and trust. This very small and highly sought-after segment of the population expects brands to understand their needs, wants and desires. Engaging with this group means gaining insight and trust. The in-depth research and hand-curated intelligence contained in each Wealth-X dossier is instrumental in understanding more about the relationships you are cultivating and vital in preparing for a meeting with your warm prospect.

Uncover and cultivate new prospects by mapping them against relationships with current clients Understand prospects with deep insight across multiple touch points

The Bespoke Intelligence Dossier

Each Wealth-X dossier is meticulously crafted by our global team of researchers

    • Over 102 distinct fields in 19 sections
    • In-depth insights into financial profile, career history, known associates,
      affiliations, family background, education, philanthropic endeavours,
      passions, hobbies, interests and much more


What Makes a Bespoke Dossier

  • Research from our team of more than 170 highly skilled researchers located across five continents
  • 100% open-source data with at least two publicly verified sources
  • Up to the minute current data with an average 230,000 updates each week
  • Information from thousands of sources, both paid and unpaid, in over 33 languages
  • Proprietary wealth valuation modeling that uncovers private holdings
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