CROP_NFP Banner 1Wealth-X products and data help not-for-profit organisations unlock the massive giving potential of the world’s wealthiest individuals by identifying opportunities to strengthen relationships and cultivate shared visions and values.

Despite the small size of the ultra-wealthy demographic, these individuals account for 80-90% of donations annually.

Wealth-X provides support to a range of philanthropic causes, including:

– Arts, Culture & Humanities

– Environment & Animals

– Private & Family Foundations

– Government Entities

– Health & Human Services

– Religious Organizations

Wealth-X products and services provide not-for-profit organisations with:

  • Added intelligence by revealing the liquid giving capability of current donors
  • The ability to screen their existing databases to uncover wealthy individuals who have previously donated in modest amounts
  • Background checks to comply with due diligence and understand the profile of potential donors
  • Establish a pipeline of insight into new potential major gifts

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