World’s Five Most Avid Billionaire Diamond Collectors

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UHNW investors and gem collectors are investing in diamonds as a secure and lucrative asset in the current low-interest, uncertain financial climate, according to Wealth-X, the UHNW business development solution for private banks, luxury brands, educational institutions and non-profits, which has released a list of the world’s most avid billionaire collectors based on net worth.
“Based on our data, we expect the UHNW population, particularly in countries such as diamond-hungry China and India, to accelerate,” Wealth-X CEO Mykolas D. Rambus said. “This can only mean one thing for diamonds as an investment of choice among UHNW individuals: They have a sparkling future.”
Rough diamond prices have increased by nearly a third since 2005 and is likely to rise a further 20 percent between 2013 and 2017, bolstered by demand from China and India.

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