Wealth-X Reveals America’s Wealthiest Individuals By State

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Wealth-X, the world’s leading ultra high net worth (UHNW) intelligence provider, today revealed a list of the 50 wealthiest American individuals by state (based on their business address) in 2013. These individuals are collectively worth US$540 billion, a 19 percent increase on last year.
The average net worth of the individuals on the list is US$10.8 billion – a US$1.7 billion increase on last year’s average of US$9.1 billion.
The top 10 individuals on the list – who all held the exact same spots on last year’s list – are collectively worth US$362 billion, 67 percent of the total wealth of the top 50.
Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates remains the wealthiest individual in America with an estimated net worth of US$70.8 billion, followed by Warren “Oracle of Omaha” Buffett, whose personal fortune is estimated at nearly US$60 billion.
Nine new individuals made the list this year: Micky Meir Arison (Florida); Brad Maurice Kelley (Kentucky); Kenneth B. Dart (Michigan); Whitney MacMillan (Minnesota); James Love Barksdale (Mississippi); John L. Morris (Missouri); Richard B. Cohen (New Hampshire); John A Yates (New Mexico) and Blake Roney (Utah). Collectively, their net worth is US$34 billion – 50 percent more than the combined net worth of the individuals who represented these same states on the list last year.


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