Longevity and Endorsements Key to Wealth for Millionaire NBA Players

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Three-quarters of the top 10 ultra wealthy National Basketball Association (NBA) players were drafted in the mid-1990s, suggesting longevity in the sport and corporate endorsements are key to wealth for today’s athletes.
These are the findings by Wealth-X, the ultra high net worth (UHNW) business development solution for private banks, luxury brands, educational institutions and non-profits, which released its ranking of ultra wealthy players following this year’s NBA Draft.
The NBA’s wealthiest have been playing for an average of 15 years, or since 1998, which is considered a long career by athlete standards.
“Against the backdrop of the NBA Draft last week, it is interesting to explore the correlation between talent, performance and net worth that is revealed in this ranking. It provides a window into the value that society implicitly places on the skills of these professional athletes and the role of entertainment within our culture,” said Wealth-X President David Friedman.
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