Top 15 Wealthiest Women in China

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“Female entrepreneurs in China have played an integral role in the country’s growth story,” Mykolas Rambus, CEO, Wealth-X, said. “In the cut-throat world of business, these women have outperformed many of their male counterparts to join the ranks of China’s wealthiest individuals.”
Only three out of the 15 women on the list derived their fortunes from inheritance. Eleven women on the list are entrepreneurs. One is an executive at a conglomerate.
Real estate wealth dominates the list, as total wealth attributed to the sector comprises over 60% of the combined net worth of the 15 wealthiest Chinese women. This reflects the strong potential for growth in the sector even as it grapples with property cooling measures enacted by the government.
Mr. Rambus added, “Wealth creation in China is inextricably linked to real estate. Our list also reflects the reality of China’s real estate market; that increased investment is not only observable in residential and commercial properties, but also luxury hotels and clubhouses. This has given rise to a demand for diverse architectural services, such as environmental landscaping. Indeed, some of China’s wealthiest women are transforming the country’s real estate market.”



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