Wealth-X Lists Romney As Richest Presidential Candidate Since Tycoon Forbes and Billionaire Perot

Global Intelligence Firm Lists Ultra Affluent Presidential Candidates Since 1992
04 January 2012, New York – Wealth-X, the global intelligence, prospecting and wealth due diligence company, today announced it lists Mitt Romney, the candidate for the 2012 Republican Party presidential nomination, as the wealthiest U.S presidential candidate since Ross Perot and Steve Forbes. Romney is among the 3,140 richest individuals in the U.S.
Wealth-X’s World Ultra Wealth Report 2011, estimates there are 57,860 UHNW individuals in the U.S. UHNW individual is defined as anyone with a minimum net worth of US$30 million when accounting for shares in public and private companies, residential and investment properties, art collections, planes, cash and other investible assets. Present and past UHNW U.S. presidential candidates since 1992 include:
Ross Perot (Independent)
Current Estimated Net Worth: At Least US$3.58 billion
Steve Forbes (Republican)
Current Estimated Net Worth: At Least US$450 million
Mitt Romney (Republican)
Current Estimated Net Worth: At Least US$250 million
John Kerry (Democratic)
Current Estimated Net Worth: At Least US$240 million
Al Gore (Democratic)
Current Estimated Net Worth: At Least US$100 million
For the complete list of present and past UHNW U.S. presidential candidates since 1992, download the press release below.
“Romney’s among the 0.001 percent in the U.S with a net worth of at least US$250 million. There’s a lot of attention on the wealth of these presidential candidates as the race heats up,’’ said David S. Friedman, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President at Wealth-X. “This intelligence provides deep insight into how and why individuals have been able to amass this level of wealth. Our global banking, luxury, and non-profit clients rely on us to provide unique and detailed UHNW prospect research to identify and socially engineer new relationships with specific financially qualified individuals.”
For more insights on Wealth-X’s World Ultra Wealth Report 2011, visit www.wealthx.com.
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